Free service or rates?
This service is generally free according to the sector or in case branches are superior to 1-1/2 inch of diameter as well as for the case of cutting down, pruning and radical cut size. For more information about the rates, and to book an appointment please call us at 450-434-7512.

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Do you pick up the trees of whole cedar?
We collect all which can be cut by one sizes-hedges (cutting of the foliage) including trimmings and small branches of less than 1-1/2 inch of diameter on a maximal length of 3 feet. It is important to make sure during your call, that the foliage is very green and that it occupies more than 70% of the branch. It’s possible to make a collect of the whole cedar tree under certain conditions. For further information, please contact us.

Which territories are we desserving?
Almost all territories in the MRC Thérèse de Blainville, Two Mountain, Mirabel, Laval. However, a fee can be charge according to the municipality, please consult the tab "Services" to know details.

How long does the clippings remain fresh?
The collect is almost made always within 2 to 3 days (business days) according to the call made to our offices. It is very important to contact us quickly as soon as you have completed your work, to make sure of the freshness of the trimmings of cedar (if the foliage is yellowish or brown, it lost its natural properties and can’t be recuperated)

It is therefore important to get in touch with us quickly when you have completed your cedar trimming to ensure maximum freshness of clippings.

We accept: cash, check and credit card.