Potted cedar

Cliquez-ici pour commnaderCedars in pots are available for purchase at our drop off/distillery site.

White cedar (Thuya occidentalis)

Inventory (price according to quantity)

Available dimensions: from 1 to 5 feet, price depending on the volume.

Semi-cultivated: the semi-cultivated Thuya Occidentalis, commonly called white cedar, is the perfect cedar for hedges because it makes a wall of privacy.

White cedar is the most used in Quebec to make beautiful dense and durable hedges. This variety has good growth in height and width. It is almost exclusively used for hedges.

Transplantation is relatively easy, but we must not forget that white cedar prefers sunny areas. Although they are able to grow in semi-shade, they grow best in sunny locations.

To plant your cedar, refer to these tips below:

  • Fertilize the first two years for a darker dense green foliage
  • After one to two years after planting, trim annually to strengthen and thicken the foliage
  • For the first two years, it is a very good suggestion to remove the weeds at the base to allow a better growth.
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