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Our cedar mulch, which has a neutral pH (7.2) and is manufactured directly from our distillery, consists of shredded twigs and distilled by steam for 4 hours, making it a fully sanitized mulch. Life is almost impossible for weeds and pests. It even prevents outbreak of diseases that attack trees and shrubs. Indeed, these products have fertilizing properties and stimulate microbial flora. Cedar mulch is recommended for areas with minimal maintenance, such as trails and around conifers, trees and shrubs. In addition to being very effective for soil and plants, cedar mulch is ornamental and natural.


  • Retains better moisture content of the soil thus reducing the number of irrigations
  • Limit the presence of weeds
  • Protects roots from frost and drought
  • Fight against any unwanted pests and insects
  • Prevents soil compaction absorbing heavy rains
  • Decomposes slowly, which provides organic material and soil life.
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Improves soil texture, lightens and feeds it
  • Helps the winter resistance


  • In vegetable garden paths
  • At the foot of trees and shrubs
  • In decorative paths and walkways
  • In flowerbeds
  • As winter protection


The judicious use of mulch helps to improve the environment by recycling forest’s by-products. In fact, our mulch:

  • Reduce the use of harmful products towards animals and humans (herbicides or insecticides)
  • Promotes soil water retention
  • Reduces the number of watering
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Returns organic materials to the soil in which they came from
  • Provides a friendly alternative to wasted forest resources


Weeding: the first rule to follow a priori before extending the mulch. The rhizomes of perennial weeds such as quack grass get through the mulch if they are not removed beforehand.

Quantity: for perennials and annuals, a thickness of 3 to 5 cm is adequate. For shrubs, a mulch from 7 to 10 cm is perfect. For the trees, mulch of 7 cm is adequate too, but you can put about 20-25 cm, up to the trunk.


Step 1 : Add the bone powder (2 kg for 12 cedars) in the bottom of the hole. If your soil is sandy or gravelly, add peat moss, 1.25 meters (4 ft) to 9 meters (30 feet) in length. In the case of poor soil, add rabbit or sheep manure (15 kg for 4.5 meters (15 feet)).

Step 2 : Fill the hole with about 5 cm (2 inch) of water to make a slurry in the bottom.

Step 3 : Place the cedar in the hole and bury them. Make sure to cover all the roots (Hint: let the hose run at half speed in the hole during planting). Space between the cedars by the purchase recommendations.

Step 4 : Using the hose, do penetrate the soil through the roots to eliminate air that may be present, and remove twigs that were buried in the ground.

Step 5 : Now that the hedge is in place, straighten the trees so that the heads are all aligned. Pour 2 liters of transplantation fertilizer 10-52-10 (120 ml (8 Tbsp.) in 20 L (5 gal) of water) on the ground at the base of each tree.

Step 6 : Make a trim of about 2.5 to 5 cm (1-2 inches) on each side of the hedge to the summit (the shape of the cone must be respected, never cut the top like a square).

Arrosage : During the first week, try watering every day for 1 hour if you use a perforated hose. And, subsequently, watering an hour every three to four days for the rest of the summer (must be watered preferably at sunset to reduce evaporation due to sun). Never in sunlight.


By France Létourneau

That's it, a winter of more completed. It's spring, the season of rebirth. Who said “renaissance'' also said ''resurrection'' of our insect friends. Although some are beneficial to the environment, they are for us humans, annoyance. One only has to think of ants that infiltrate gently in our homes and go quickly invade our space but also the kind aphids, moths and gnats although more discreet cause multiple damage. Know that essential oils can help you!
At first, the ambient air frequently sanitize aerating home. You can use a room spray designed from essential oils made ​​from cedar including room sprays "Cedar Leaves" and "Woody Energy". These vaporizers unique synergies have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help to purify your environment.
For purification deeper, it is possible to use the essential oils by putting a few drops in a diffuser which will be over a longer period. The recommended essential oils are oils cedar leaves, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint and of course, Citronella although for the latter, the smell is more tenacious, we prefer the larger rooms for enjoying good air circulation.

Step Two: We went on the attack ...

Help! Our young guests have settled in your bedroom, your drawers  dressers, cedar chests and cabinets. You do not know what to do. At first, empty the contents of your furniture. Then, remove with a fine sandpaper embedded dirt. Then vacuum. Once these steps are completed, it only remains to pour the essential oil of cedar wood on a sponge and gently rub the furniture on the entire surface. Not only that will repel moths because they don’t like the smell, but it will be varnishing and moistening the wood and allowing conservation.

And carpenter ants, and those who enjoy devouring the structure of your nest ? I personally have tried many things and finally use in a spray botlle , a mixture of 10 ml of essential oil of cedar in one liter of water, then sprinkle their « 'favorite spots ». I will not tell you that it stopped at the first time the invasion of ants, but it certainly significantly helped reduce proliferation. So, my battles are reduced to about twice during the spring and summer. Whereas the use of toxic chemicals is harmful to all members of my family, two or three fights with essential cedar oil is keep us winning in the perspective of keeping a roof over our heads. So go ahead, get your diffusers, sprays and essential oils and sprinkle. You will appreciate more that beautiful season!


By France Létourneau

Winters in Quebec are peculiar. They are both a source of pleasure with multiple sports and family activities but also a source of suffering with chilblains and arthritic and rhumathoïdes pains. The temperature oscilliates around  -25 celcius.

It knows the comforting virtues of hot chocolate after a day of skiing, or even chamomile tea that promotes relaxation after shoveling for hours, but do we know the therapeutic alternatives of essential oils to relax and warm muscles sore?

Of course, there are a thousand medecine in drugstores that can relieve you, but for rheumatic and neuralgic pains, you can enjoy pure products like 100% natural essential balsam fir oils, which are excellent. However, it is important to use only a few drops (about 4 or 5 drops) in a good amount of vegetable oil (about 10ml) such as sweet almond oil or argan oil.

The rosemary essential oil also has very good anti-rheumatic and neuralgic that makes it effective for gout, arthritis and muscle pain. However, direct contact with the skin can cause irritation so it is highly recommended to dilute it again with vegetable oil in a ratio of 3 drops of essential rosemary oil for at least 10 to 15 ml of vegetable oil.

For chilblain, especially use lemon essential oil as a massage and in addition, it leaves a refreshing scent on your skin, promote blood circulation, treat arthritis pain because of its anti-inflammatory action.

Methods and precautions for use: External (massage, diffusion, bath) and internal (inhalation, food fragrance, grog). Keep out of reach of children. Do not administer to children under 3 years. Recommended in the first three months of pregnancy. Photo sensitizing oil, do not sunbathe during cutaneous use. Dilution is obligate for the good dose because the risk of skin irritation is to high.

And if you simply want to spoil yourself a little and relax a little bit of your week, why not treat yourself with a nice hot bath (but not too much!) with lavender essential oil ?.

So to remember: Always check with your doctor, pharmacist or naturopath before using essential oils and once the recommendations received, you can call in Arbressence to give you the products you need!


By France Létourneau

Our senses are our guides, mirrors of our memories. Smell is one of the most used way to remember a magical moment. This is called the olfactory memory. And according to you, what is the smell the most sought after in the holidays? Personally , I like the aroma of pies and pastries that my mom prepared for nights before Christmas Eve but the smell brings me back to my childhood , it is mainly the refreshing smell of fragrant fir in my house, long before and even after that magical night.

When I was a kid, we walked with my mother to get our real tree at the corner of my street , just opposite of the shopping center. For the child that I was, the scent transported me to the North Pole, right in the village of Santa ...

For others, these memories are more involved in family walks in the forest after a fierce hockey game that left players , parents and children, exhausted, frozen , but happy. Certainly nostalgia of Christmas is full of these moments that we all want to see and cherish forever.

But for several reasons ranging from lack of access to forests through financial restrictions that do not allow us to get (and renew) annually a natural tree, artificial tree stormed the place of honor of our favorite winter conifer. It is beautiful, strong, solid, always well balanced and most importantly, it does not lose its thorns. But then, it do not smell! It is beautiful but empty memories... I am a great nostalgic and perhaps for many of you, this species of tree gives a meaning to the magic of Christmas. I decided to broadcast a fir room spray ALL AROUND my artificial tree. Try it! You'll see. Put yourself in the mood. Make your tree (ideally with some old decorations). Put your Christmas classics in your cd player (yes, we must modernize !). Spray your tree with your surround ESSENCE PURE fir and finally spray, close your eyes ... Well, there you are.

So if your heart tells you, try it with the Pure Essence products that can thanks to its numerous synergies, allow you to find precious moments. In addition, gift baskets are also available to offer your loved ones the opportunity to remind their Christmas good times.

On this, all of Arbressence team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.


By France Létourneau

Too many products for housekeeping contain toxic substances that do not respect the environment. Of course, there are Canadian standards governing the amounts of phosphorus and other chemicals added to our products. But, in my opinion, it is not enough. It is possible to carry out an efficient cleaning, with the help of essential oils .

What do you want to get when you make  your spring cleaning ? A clean, disinfected place in which we will have eliminated a maximum of bacteria! Many essential oils are already reflected in our products but we currently use mainly to add a pleasant smell. However, several oils also have antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help us to keep our environment clean.

Personally, I love nature and wishes to extend its essence in my home. So when it comes time to clean up my house, I like to use the essential oil of cedar. The recipe is simple : to shine your wood surfaces without burning : mix 120 ml of olive oil (or linseed oil ) with 10 drops of essential oil of cedar ( or lemon ) and apply directly on the surface with a soft cloth. This will clean and restore a beautiful luster in your furniture.

Clean your floors

For floors, too many products contain chemicals found on the hands of our little ones or the legs of our pet. Why not change the formula and use the products of our grandmothers? To proceed with this multi- use product : mix 2 tablespoons (5 to 10 ml. ) of baking soda and two liters of hot water, 1 tablespoon ( 5ml. ) white vinegar , 1-3 tablespoon ( 5-15 ml. ) essential oil choice of lemon, orange , fir, pine or cedar. It is important to shake it before each use.

For the kitchen

Are there places more conducive to the use of products high in toxins that cooking? Whether to help clean, disinfect and deodorize especially the oven or refrigerator, it is possible to do the same work with natural products. First, add two drops of essential oil, grapefruit , lavender , orange to purify place . Thereafter, put a good amount of bicarbonate by adding a little water and two drops of essential oil of cedar to make a paste which will serve as a cleaning agent. For more stubborn stains, let stand overnight before rinsing.

In short, what matters in your daily cleaning it is important to remember that an ecological gesture, it starts at home. It is simple and economical and in addition , Arbressence is an excellent producer and distributor of a wide range of 100% natural essential oils can help to improve the quality of your environment. For more recipes, visit several websites, your local library or ask your grandmother!


By France Létourneau

My chronicle this month focuses on the origin of the company Arbressence but also its evolution. Every business starts with an idea, a dream. He, Yannick Rudolph Binette, creates a product designed from raw material. A material often ends up in our trash without any regard for its natural value: cedar.

Growing up in the Laurentians, it was natural to consider that Yannick would be interested in the environment. But who would have predicted it would be the creator of a recovery company cedar scraps to develop essential oils?

Presume that a company was born as a passion. In this case, the passion for essential oils often comes with an interest in the flavors, smells and their synergies. A sort of family heritage. However to create natural and pure products, he must find the raw material and put it into processing. This is due to the recovery of more than 4000 tons of cedar clipping. It’s been eight years now that Arbressence is dedicated day after day to improve the quality and diversity of its essential oils to meet the demands of finest connoisseurs of natural products to the most novice of us having the heart to respect the environment.

But the era of globalization where competition is becoming increasingly fierce, what kind of future can expect a company such as Arbressence who prefers to maximize energy to collect cedar clipping, for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, to provide pure products from the surrounding resources, rather than importing raw materials from other countries? Well, Arbressence is always looking up front while keeping the best quality of its existing services and focusing on the research and development of future projects...

So what takes so successful Arbressence? I simply answer: its essence always carries towards the future...


By France Létourneau

Spring has finally arrived and already here is July on our doorstep. You started the pool and you just cut your cedars.

Firstly, it is important to know why it is necessary to trim your cedar annually . There are some municipalities regulations requiring that the height of cedar hedges shall not exceed 6 feet. In addition, the cedar is a conifer with strong growth. It is desirable to control the height but also the density when one wants to obtain a dense hedge that will give you the desired privacy. But then, what is the best time to make a cutting that will be benefit for your hedge?

Such as cutting stimulates new sprouts, young cedars grow quickly when they are cut on the beginning of the summer. For the more mature trees, a cut at the end of the season will maintain strong growth.

Ideally, the first cutting should take place between mid-June and late September. In fact, they must be cut when you see about ten centimeters of new sprout. The new green sprout is so tender, it’s easy to identify it among darker foliage previous years. To ensure you get a budding branch  again , we must cut about half of the new thumb at most two-thirds , to avoid ending up in the brown part because no foliage will grow back in this tree part.

In addition, if you trim your cedar too short, it will free more room to work in the desired foliage in a conical or pyramidal shape . It is best not to trim your hedge rectangular shape because of the accumulation of snow in winter, your cedars could crush and crack.

Why doing two cutting is necessary? When we carried out two cutting during the year, the foliage becomes denser faster. In fact, each cut double the density. However, a cut is usually sufficient for a cedar that looks great.

It is best not to trim during high heat or too intense sunlight because branches will dry and may be not renewed.

What if you never trim your cedar?

If you wait several years before cutting your cedar foliage, it’s growth will go all the way leaving significant gaps in the heart of your hedge. Once you cut your cedar, you can use a 30-10-10 soluble fertilizer that will stimulate the growth of your trees and fill up your hedge. This fertilizer can be done three times or once every three days until July 15. Why so early? Because after this date cedar slows its growth to prepare for winter. You should not fertilize in full sun as you may burn your cedars.

With over-fertilization, it is also possible to double size you cedar. That could be very beneficial because it will give a chance to replenish your hedge.

If the over-fertilization was not sufficient

Well, there's only one solution: planting new cedars. Although ideally we recommend that Cedar Grove is made in the spring, it is possible to plant cedars at all times. We must ensure that the soil is well irrigated.

Many landscapers will be able to give you good advice about  the health, the maintenance or purchase of cedars. Do not hesitate to contact these people and most importantly, have a great summer!

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