Pick up service for municipalities

The benefits that Arbressence’s services bring towards the city in its development are huge. Arbressence has been recognized for over 10 years by cities and their citizens. It’s offering an organized, fast and flawless service accomplished by its qualified and professional team.

Service goals

  • Support the municipality's initiative for sustainable development;
  • Allow saving on costs to the tons and also a possibility on environmental charges related to the landfill;
  • Recognize the value of a new material in the territory;
  • Contribute to the achievement of the goals from Quebec’s politic in regards to waste management;
  • Educate citizens in the recovery of organic materials;
  • Disseminate the results of this process to citizens.

Concerned about his professional visibility, Arbressence also seeks to raise awareness and customer loyalty for each collect, leaving to every citizen an illustrated catalog and a small cedar oil sample to highlight the benefits of recovery and demonstrate the second life of these "waste". Whether for custom pick-up service, or to purchase cedar mulch, compost or essential oils, citizens can expect a complete and unique service of its kind.

New alternative

We offer a new beneficial alternative to dispose of cedar trimming and small cedar branches and that, especially in the case of a large volume, we offer to citizen the opportunity to dispose of their waste cedar, according to their convenience and in different ways. With our service, citizens also have the option of filing trimming in bulk, in a place near to a trailer. This alternative greatly eases their work, and saves on the cost of garbage bags while reducing the amount of bags that end up in the garbage.

Economic branch

Ecological branch

Subvention available to municipalities
Redistribution royalties program to municipalities for the disposal of residual material.
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Municipal environnement project support
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Partners for climat protection (PCP)
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FCM provides national recognition for projects that demonstrate environmental responsibility and excellence
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We accept: cash, check and credit card.