A little bit of history

Arbressence was founded in 2003 by Yannick Rudolph Binette, a young resident of the Laurentians, he has an amazing working experience for his young age. Barely in his twenties and marketing degree on hand, he spent two years abroad, during which he learned entrepreneurship. Back in the region, it remained for him to find ... a branch! He found tons since he turned his attention to a blainvillois project distillery. "THE ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT ADDED DEPTH TO MY COMPANY. IT IS VERY REWARDING FOR  MY PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT , " he says. Scouting and herbal background and part of his family, this type of business was just appointed to him.

In its first years, Arbressence serves 14 municipalities and recycled some 215 tons of trimming and cedar branches. Everything is fully recycled. The branches will be used for the extraction of oil of cedar and the branches become rustic mulch without chemicals or dyes. Finally, the residues of the distillery change into compost. Therefore, Arbressence adopt this philosophy : "NOTHING IS LOST, NOTHING IS CREATED, EVERYTHING IS TRANSFORMED..."

Now Canada’s largest cedar essential oil producer

Throughout the years, Arbressence built a solid reputation in the environmental sector, but also as a 100% pure cedar essential oil producer. Today, with the collaboration of many towns and municipalities, our small Blainville company became the most important Canadian producer, recuperating over 3200 tons of matter per year... In addition of producing cedar mulch, other essential oils and many derived products mostly originating from the collection of small cedar branches and trim. To discover our product line, visit our PRODUCTS section.

We accept: cash, check and credit card.