The distillery

Our distillery was established in 2003 in the municipality of Blainville, located in an agricultural area, a very peaceful place in the middle of an urban area. For our facilities, several improvements are needed in order to properly reuse waste and maximize the transformation process daily as the development of a cedar plantation thereby satisfy our own production.

The laboratory

Created at first to develop and deliver products of his own brand, the company now offers various services, by making up from basic products to turnkey products.
At Arbressence Inc., we are proud to offer superior quality products that meet the high demands of our customers. Our undeniable expertise, our facilities and our willingness to place innovation at the heart of our practice is our professional reputation. We ensure superior service quality and adapted to our wide variety of customers.

Our understanding about customers’ needs and our commitment to exceed their expectations make us worthy of their loyalty.

Head office and showroom

Near Montreal, in the industrial park of Blainville, we are in the heart of our operations both in terms of collect service for the sale and resale of essential oils.
Visit our showroom for an olfactory experience that will convince you. Our qualified representant will guide you through your questions and purchases.

We accept: cash, check and credit card.