Our mission

Arbressence has a mission to offer a recycling collect service for domestic cedar trimming and other conifers with the aim of making, recover and even transform in an ecological and economic perspective.

We are proud to say that Arbressence works as a sustainable development perspective with an action plan that allowes municipalities to join his ideology.
An ecological mission, a reliable and efficient service, 100% natural, a focus on research and development of new environmental products is what characterizes Arbressence.

Prolific recovery service

Since its first year of activity, Arbressence serves 14 municipalities and collects with recycling collect service from home more than 215 tons of trimming and cedar branches which will be processed by his essential oil distillery but also transformed in rustic and mulch compost.

Now, it is more than 1,300 tons collected and processed annually.

Sustainable development at the heart of concerns

Arbressence constantly strives to offer 100% pure and quality products, that respond to government environment standards. Arbressence pushes the limit by joining an expert research team to ensure the creation of futuristic products from cedar and even more efficient and diversified balsam fir to optimize these natural materials.

We accept: cash, check and credit card.