Camouflage for hunting

Cliquez-ici pour commnader

Cliquez-ici pour commnaderA wide range of essential oils, sprays and soaps are available for sport hunting.

Essential oils

Our 100% pure and natural balsam fir, cedar leaves, white pine and spruce essential oils are designed for camouflage clothing. Let them soak in a cardboard box, or simply in the washer when washing. The oil can also be used in places of hunting camouflage and even attract some little game that recognizes the smell of this type of foliage.

Spray "hunting odor" format 60ml

Our cedar leaf and balsam fir sprays were designed specifically for hunters. Made with mineral oil which is colorless and odorless and essential oil 100% pure and natural, this vaporizer can be a very good weapon camouflage for hunters.

Soap "hunting odor" format 141g

Essential oil of cedar, 100% pure soap with glycerin and odorless, this soap will clean without fear traces of smell that conventional soaps can leave, which attract mosquitoes. In addition for the hunter, this 100% pure, oil cedar or fir soap base, will effectively attract some games that are familiar with this type of foliage.

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