Since its creation, Arbressence has always focused on research and development. Recognizing that success goes through innovation, Arbressence is constantly seeking for environmental and manufacturing process solutions for searching alternative health care and agronomy products.

Strategies and equipment evolving

Supported by a multi-disciplinary team, Arbressence puts his energy to strengthen its scientific expertise and technological strategies to optimize its ability to extract essential oils through the changing of its operations, but also through the acquisition of efficient and environmentally industrial equipment.

To the pursuit of new goals

Whether at collecting cedar trimming or manufacturing essential oils, each operational center is on constant evaluation to ensure an increasingly efficient service and high quality products according to ecological processes in compliance with the environment.
 The next years to come will allow Arbressence to move forward with its development and research in designing new products.

Development and partnership

An association with recognized researchers from the NSERC of College de Maisonneuve. Through the partnership with Mr. Yacine Boumhgar director of the research center, Arbressence continues his quest to new 100% revolutionary natural products in the field of agriculture.


  • Natural resources, unlimited renewed;
  • Creation of new biological products;
  • Development of new processes;
  • High level of scientific expertise.

The first mandatory of the Chair is to develop new knowledge associated with extractable agroforestry ecological recovery technologies.

Dr. Boumghar and his team will also develop analytical tools for characterization of chemical composition.

Yacine Boumghar, Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering

Chair of Industrial Research in colleges NSERC extractable agroforestry.

Since 2000 at CÉPROCQ, Yacine Boumghar directs the research area of bio-industrial technologies. He helps PME to maintain, improve and develop their production processes according to the matter of sustainable development so that they remain competitive and gainful.

Naïma EL Mehdi, Ph.D. in Chemistry and Molecular Chemistry
Expertise Bio-industries

Naima El Mehdi is involved in CÉPROCQ since 2001. She leads projects on the development of value-added bioproducts from marine and plant biomass, and extraction and clean separation processes. Naima El Mehdi also working on the development of new green solid / liquid extraction industrial processes and the characterization and purification of new products.

Mathieu Sarrazin, M. SC. Science of Energy and Materialsx
Expertise Bio-industries

Mathieu Sarrazin takes care of the analytical part of the project, particularly chromatographic analyzes. He is also specialized in electrochemistry and has recently expanded its expertise to extraction processes microwave. Holding a Master’s degree from the National Institute of Scientific Research (NISR), he worked four years in the pharmaceutical industry before joining the CÉPROCQ team in 2009.

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