As easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 You trim...

After trimming the cedar hedges, leave them stacked up in a pile, accessible to a truck by the side of your house.

2 You call us or you fill the pick-up request...

Call 450 434-7512 to speak with a representative or leave a detailed message with your contact information (name, telephone number, address). We kindly ask you to provide a description of the trimmings, as well as any other information you may consider relevant. If you prefer, you can fill the form online by CLICKING HERE.

3 We collect!

Arbressence will send a truck to pick-up your trimmings within 48 hours.

*Certain conditions apply

Arbressence offers a friendly, fast and effective pick-up service, leaving the location clean and decluttered.

Terms and conditions

  1. Stacked up in a pile: Leave the trimmings somewhere accessible to our trucks and trailers.
  2. In bags: Place the trimmings in bags and leave them in an area where they may not be mistakenly collected by waste management services.

Pick up standards

Municipality covered

Drop off sites

Pick-up service rates

Areas not served by our service

We accept: cash, check and credit card.