Spa products

Huiles essentielles pour spa

Cliquez-ici pour commander As Arbressence is itself an essential oil producer, it can ensure the quality of manufacture. With many partners and other reliable producers, it ensures a certified quality service. Arbressence is able to offer a full range of product ranging from 1 to 200 kg and offers himself different manufacturing and packaging service.

All our essential oils are top quality and have undergone rigorous testing quality control.

Most commonly essential oils used in spas:

  • Eucalyptus Globulus
  • Balsam fir
  • Cedar leaf
  • White pine
  • Orange
(Other varieties of essential oils are available, please see BULK PRODUCT LIST.)

Different type of recipient may be offered

  • Bottle glass, aluminum and plastic, 500ml to 1000ml
  • Plastic-bottle (HDPE), 1 liter to 4 liters
  • 5kg to 20kg metal barrel
  • 20L plastic container with valve
  • 50L plastic barrel with valve
  • 200L plastic barrel with valve on request

We accept: cash, check and credit card.