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Arbressence was created in 2003 by Yannick Rudolph Binette, a young resident of the Laurentides, with an amazing work experience for his young age. Barely in his twenties and a graduate in marketing, he spent two years abroad during which he learned about entrepreneurship. Back in the region, he only had to find … his branch! He found tons of them since his attention turned to a Blainville-based distillery project. “The environmental aspect has added depth to my company. It’s very rewarding in terms of my personal achievement,” he says. Scouting and herbal medicine being part of his family baggage, this type of business was perfect for him.

In its first year, Arbressence served several municipalities and collected near 215 tons of cedar trimmings and branches. The trimmings and foliage are used for the extraction of cedar oil and the branches are used to create a rustic mulch without chemical agents or coloring. Over the years, Arbressence has built a solid reputation in the environmental sector and as a producer of 100% pure cedar essential oil.


Arbressence has given itself the mission of offering a collection service for domestic remnants of cedar and other conifers in order to ensure their recovery and transformation from an ecological and economic perspective. We are constantly concerned with offering quality products that are 100% pure and that meet government environmental standards.

We are proud to say that Arbressence is working towards a sustainable development perspective with an action plan that has enabled municipalities to join our ideology. An ecological mission, a reliable and efficient service, 100% natural products and a vision focused on research and development of new environmental products, this is what characterizes Arbressence.

Today, thanks to the collaboration of many cities and municipalities, the small business in Blainville has become the largest producer in Canada by recovering more than 3,200 ton of material each year, in addition to producing cedar mulch, other types of essential oils and many derived products mainly from its collecting of cedar trimmings and branches.

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Our values are based on a well-defined action plan:

  • Planning and management of residual materials;
  • Citizen participation with this green enterprise;
  • Education and information on environmental benefits as well as the collection and processing of coniferous residues;
  • Research and development;
  • Removal of residues;
  • Recovery and valorisation of residual materials.


The distillery

Established since 2003 in the municipality of Blainville and located in an agricultural sector, our facilities are specifically designed to reuse residual materials and maximize the daily transformation process.

The laboratory

First created to develop and offer products of our own brand, Arbressence now offers different tailored services to meet all your needs. We are proud to offer superior quality products that meet the high demands of our customers.


Located near Montreal, in the Blainville industrial park, we are in the heart of our operations both in terms of the cedar collection service and the sale of essential oils. Visit our showroom for an olfactory experience that will convince you.

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Our domestic cedar trimmings pick up service has made it possible to considerably reduce citizens’ garbage disposal. Instead of heading to landfills, Arbressence helps preserve the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by normally buried material.

The trimmings and foliage are used for the extraction of cedar oil and the branches are transformed into mulch that are free of chemical agents or coloring. The distillation process is done using steam and pressure, therefore not requiring the addition of chemical agents.

In addition, we use fewer plastic bags and the transport of cedar trimmings and branches are done in small vehicles, reducing the consumption of products that are harmful to the environment.


Since its creation, Arbressence has always focused on research and development. We are constantly working to find new ecological solutions both in terms of the manufacturing process and in the search of alternative products in healthcare and agronomy.

Supported by a multidisciplinary team, Arbressence has put its energy into consolidating its technological strategies and scientific expertise in order to optimize its ability to extract essential oils.

Both at the level of our cedar pick up service and the production of essential oils, each of the operational centers is constantly evaluated in order to obtain an ever more efficient service and high-quality products according to ecological processes while respecting the environment.

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