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Essential Oils

Arbressence produces one of the best cedar essential oils around the world. We also offer a wide selection of other high quality and pure essential oils for all your aromatherapy and health needs.

Essential Oil Sprays

Our essential oil sprays are healthy for the environment and beneficial to health. Composed of essential oils, denaturalized alcohol and distilled water, they offer an ecological alternative to deodorize the ambient air.

Natural hand lotion

Composed of vegetable glycerin and purified water, our natural soaps are scented with essential oils, are biodegradable and are phosphate-free. Find products that are both ultra-hydrating and long-lasting.

Creation sets (DIY)

Are you looking for an original, creative and natural gift? Our creation kits allow you to compose your own personalized hand creams, based on a selection of our essential oils and hydrosols.

Hunting & Outdoors

We offer a wide selection of products that were specially adapted for hunting and use in nature such as a variety of essential oils, natural insect repellents, naturally scented soaps and much more.

Corporate gifts

Arbressence offers a selection of gift boxes made from 100% recycled and fully recyclable materials. By inserting our 100% pure and natural oils inside, it is possible to create an original and ecological corporate gift.

Home Products

Arbressence has designed natural solutions to clean your home and ensure that moths and pests are kept away from your closet and cedar trunk. Discover our household and cleaning products for all your needs.