We pick up your cedar and hedge trimmings!

Our cedar collection service is a free service offered in the Laurentides region as well as Lanaudière.

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At Arbressence, we possess our own fleet of vehicles to offer a personalized cedar collection service to all residents of the Laurentides and Lanaudière region. This service is intended for all citizens who trim their cedars by themselves or who have them trimmed by landscapers. Just trim your cedars, gather the trimmings in a pile that is easily accessible to a trailer or in bags on the side of the house, and reserve a cedar collection date with us by using our form or by phone.

Our fleet of vehicles is made up of small trucks with trailers to be as ecological as possible while allowing personalized pickup services to each of our customers.

Our cedar collection service is a simple and effective way to participate in sustainable development. Arbressence collects more than 3,200 tons of cedar trimmings each year that are diverted from landfills.

We also offer several drop-off points where it is possible to drop off your cedar trimmings for free.


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Our cedar collection service is offered free of charge in several municipalities of the region which have an agreement with Arbressence (see list below). If your city is not part of these regions, we simply ask for a minimal fee, generally 5$, in order to contribute to a small part of the transportation and handling costs.

Please note: if you are trimming your cedars, check our cedar collection criteria to verify the procedures and help us recover as much of the material as possible.

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As with other materials such as paper, plastic or glass, recycling cedar is an efficient and ecological way to get rid of your trimmings while enhancing them. Recycled cedar can be used in a wide variety of high quality natural products.

Once sorted and shredded, the cedar trimmings are compacted in cylinders with a capacity of 1 to 5 tonnes. A boiler heats the water to its boiling point to inject steam to the bottom of the cylinders. The steam then passes through the different bearings (baskets) of fresh and compacted scraps, to then be sucked in by the water-cooled radiator system (coil).

This last step will consist of condensing the vapor to return it in the form of a mixture of water and oil (60% water, 40% oil). This mixture will be found in settling tanks to allow us to collect the layer of oil that floats above the water, the oil being lighter. The process takes 6 hours in total. The heated scraps are then kept to make a top quality soil amendment in which we plant cedars, allowing us to recycle everything at 100%.


icône cadeau échantillonIn addition, receive a free sample of our cedar oil with each cedar pick up!

To find out more about the territories served north of Montreal, the related fees and how to use our cedar collection service:

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*Certain conditions apply.


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