Our store located at 60 Marius-Warnet Street in Blainville will be permanently closed starting Thursday, December 21st, 2023. Our products will stil be available through our website.

Timber harvesting

Arbressence is a company that places sustainability and environmental protection at the heart of its activities. Its forestry division upholds this commitment by offering nature-friendly logging and deforestation services.

The techniques used by Arbressence align with the principles of responsible logging and ecosystem preservation. Our forestry division professionals ensure to minimize the impact of their activities on the environment, adopting selective logging methods that preserve important trees and natural habitats.  

Choose our services to responsibly deforest a land or property. By choosing Arbressence for forestry work, you can be assured that all parts of the tree will be used and valued, avoiding waste and pollution. All materials, from wood to leaves, will be recycled. The raw materials obtained from this process can be transformed into lumber, natural mulch, or other useful products such as essential oils.