A natural mulch for the health of your plants

1 June 2019

A natural mulch for the health of your plants

Our cedar mulch, which has a neutral PH (7.2) is made directly from our distillery, it consists of shredded branches and steam distilled for 4 hours, which makes it a fully sanitized mulch.

Life is almost impossible for weeds and parasites. It even prevents the outbreak of diseases that attack trees and shrubs. Indeed, these products have fertilizing properties and stimulate the microbial flora. Cedar mulch is recommended for areas with minimal maintenance, such as trails and around conifers, trees and shrubs.

In addition to being very effective for soil and plants, cedar mulch is decorative and natural.

Bienfaits du paillis de cèdre

  • Maintains a better soil moisture rate therefore reduces the number of waterings
  • Limits the presence of weeds
  • Protects roots from frost and drought
  • Fight against possible unwanted pests and insects
  • Prevents soil compaction by absorbing heavy rain
  • Decomposes slowly, bringing organic matter and life to the soil
  • Low maintenance
  • Improves soil texture, lightens and nourishes it
  • Help with winter resistance

Utilisations diversifiées

  • In the alleys of the vegetable garden
  • At the foot of trees and shrubs
  • In the paths and decorative paths
  • In the flower beds
  • As winter protection

Cedar mulch, a green choice!

The judicious use of mulch contributes to improving the environment through the reuse of forest by-products. That said, our mulch:

  • Reduces the use of products harmful to animals and humans (herbicides or insecticides)
  • Promotes water conservation in the soil
  • Reduces the number of waterings
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Return organic matter to the soil where it comes from
  • A friendly alternative to wasted resources in the forest

Useful tips regarding mulch

Weeding: a first rule to follow before spreading the mulch. Perennial weed rhizomes, such as quackgrass, pass through mulch if they are not removed beforehand.

Quantity: for perennials and annuals, a thickness of 3 to 5 cm is sufficient. For shrubs, 7-10 cm mulch is perfect. As for the trees, a 7 cm mulch is sufficient, but we can put about 20 to 25 cm, up to the trunk.